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Schemes Target Senior Citizens

Schemes Target Senior Citizens

Provided by The Federal Trade Commission

Sweepstakes and tech support schemes have been targeting senior citizens recently, so much so that the Federal Trade Commission has taken legal action against two of these schemes. Senior citizens have lost out on tens of millions of dollars in the process.

Sweepstake Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission and the State of Missouri have charged two men for sending personalized mailers to senior citizens stating they won a cash prize up to $2 million. The different types of mailers included:

  • Notices such as “Congratulations, You have Just Won $1,230,946.00,” when nothing was actually won
  • Fliers that claim the recipient can win a substantial cash prize by answering a simple arithmetic question and paying a registration fee, but that doesn’t disclose that there are multiple rounds to the “game of skill,” that the consumer will have to pay additional fees to advance to each round, and that in order to win, the consumer will have to answer a final, complex puzzle that few people, if any, can solve
  • Mailers that appear to be notices that the consumer has won a prize of $1 million or more, but they are really just newsletter subscription solicitations

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Tech Support Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission also charged the two men for working with telemarketers to sell false technical support services to senior citizens.  While these telemarketers claimed to be a well-known technology company, they declared hackers were going to break into their computers and steal their bank account information unless they purchased the company’s expensive security software. Once the security system was bought, the telemarketers stole personal information while installing the software. Senior citizens lost thousands of dollars from this scheme.

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To read more about these schemes that are targeting our senior citizens, follow this link for the full article provided by The Federal Trade Commission.



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