Beware of leasing credit card terminals

Beware of leasing credit card terminals or most “free” terminal offers. Both options could cost your business in the long run. First of all, most “free” credit card terminal offers have additional fees like yearly warranties or other annual fees that are not usually charged by credit card processors. Just make sure to research to make sure the “free” terminal is actually free.

The other offer to be leery of is leasing credit card terminals. Leasing is not offered much any more, but leasing a terminal usually involves a several year contract with monthly payments of $50-$100.  That is a long time to pay for a terminal that is often around $400.00. In the long run that $400 credit card terminal could end up costing you $1800 or more! Additionally, if you lease a terminal you may also be required to purchase equipment insurance, which is another added cost. The worst part is at the end of your lease term you probably don’t own the machine.


At Frontline Processing we offer a variety of terminals for purchase and usually recommend buying them out right. We do offer rentals for certain circumstances such as an events, very seasonal businesses such as a fireworks stand and for businesses who are just beginning to accept credit cards and are not sure about which equipment they will need. In the long run it is cheaper to buy the terminals rather than leasing or paying inflated annual fees for a “free” one that some companies offer. We occasionally offer a free terminal for a special offer and there are no additional fees attached so be sure to do your  homework when choosing your credit card processor and equipment.

Here is a link to more info about our credit card terminals. Call us today to have our helpful customer service guide you to the best option for your business 1-866-651-3068


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