Card not present- get lower fees

All businesses are looking for ways to lower costs and credit card processing fees are no different. One tip that came form one of our helpful account managers, is that for merchants that “key-in” transactions to make sure to use Visa’s Address Verification Service. The Visa Address Verification Service is used to validate the address of the cardholder at the time of authorization. To request the verification the merchant must include the cardholder’s full address in the authorization request. Visa uses this information to help determine if the person using the card is actually the cardholder or not.  Basically, Visa charges a small penalty fee for not verifying the address so by doing this you could save up to 1% in their fees.

Best Practices for Mail/Phone Order Merchants:

By utilizing these best practices you will provide better protection against disputes and may help lower your operating costs!

– When possible, try to ship to the verified address.

– If you receive a decline request another card number. Do not keep trying to get an authorization or you risk an authorization related dispute.

– Use a shipping method that provides proof of delivery.


card not present


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