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Changing Your Phone Line?

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Internet phone service by Forum Groupis an option more people are choosing for a telephone line. Years ago, phones were simple. You had one company–AT&T–for local and long distance calls. There were no choices to make, or risks to weigh. You dialed and you paid, just like everyone else.

Today we have VoIP (voice over IP) phone services that let you replace your traditional landline phone with one that connects over the Internet. Although these phone services are cheap, and can save you money, they can cause all kinds of trouble with your credit card terminal. When a customer is ready to make a payment, you can’t afford a problem with your phone line.  VoIP phone plans work well for voice, but often will not work at all for credit card terminals or will be unreliable.

Changing Your Phone Line?
So you want to switch cell phone carriers, but you don’t want to lose your current phone number. No sweat! All carriers, such as VOIP system uk, allow you to bring your digits with you—a process called “porting” your phone number. Before you start the process of switching cell phone carriers, do not cancel your service with your current carrier before contacting your new service provider. You won’t be able to port your phone number if it has already been deactivated.
Gather your current cell phone account information, including your account number as it appears on your bill. Your new carrier will need it to process the number port request with your old carrier.

PCI Concerns
Another area of concern is the data security with using adapters, so PLEASE, before you make any changes contact us -Frontline Processing- your experts and we’ll assist you in your options so you’re protected and have minimal interruptions.  We are happy to help!



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