Closure Forms


If you have services provided by a third party, such as eChecks, Gift Cards, or a gateway, it is your responsibility to contact these entities and see to it that your account(s) are closed.

• Valutec – Complete Valuetec Closure Form and fax to 615-771-3500 or email to

• Geti/Sage – Complete Global Etelecom (GETI) Check Services Closure Form and fax to 855-676-2825.

• eProcessing Network – Complete eProcessing Network Closure Form and fax to 713-880-0330.

• – Contact support at 1-877-447-3938 or submit an eticket via the Merchant Interface.

• Apriva Wireless – No further action required.

• Frontline Gateway – No further action required.

• ControlScan PCI Compliance – No further action required.

• Not Listed – Please confirm with support at 866-651-3068.