The Clover POS Station

Have you heard about the Clover POS station? Our all-in-one Clover solution is a reliable, user-friendly and innovative replacement for the traditional cash register and terminal POS system.

  • – The Clover POS Station is different from the iPad-based POS systems that are popular in restaurants and retail today. The Clover POS Station is a stand-alone, commercial grade station that was designed for business.
  • – It manages all elements of your business in one place with multiple core applications: accounting and payroll, inventory, reservations, analytics, loyalty programs, menus and more.
  • – Features a built-in application market that offers extra tools for niche markets, like an app that manages tables for a fast service restaurant.
  • – Clover is Near Field Communication, EMV and PIN capable.
  • – The Clover POS Station includes a touchscreen display, magnetic stripe card reader, EMV chip ready reader, camera, swivel arm for easy use, stand, printer and cash drawer.
  • – Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Ethernet and even offline. Transactions made offline are simply stored and processed later when the system resumes internet connection.
  • – The Clover POS Station is a hassle-free, cloud-based payment system that installs new software updates automatically every 2 weeks.
  • – Clover’s sleek, modern design looks great in any business.


Is Clover right for my business?

Clover is perfect for coffee shops, delis, food trucks and stands, local bars, bakeries, flower shops, book stores, and any other small or mid-sized businesses. The all-in-one nature of the Clover POS Station saves business owners time, allowing them to focus on their business.

To learn more about the Clover POS Station and how it can streamline your business, call Frontline Processing at 866-651-3068 and visit Clover’s help page.


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