Dept of Justice Establishes Cyber Security Unit

The Justice Department’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section is establishing a cyber security unit as a result of the increased resiliency and volume of cyber attacks. The responsibilities of the new defense unit will be to work with Congress on cyber security legislation as well as to provide legal guidance on digital surveillance investigations. The goals of the new cyber team is to catch cyber scammers, prevent attacks, and ultimately keep Americans safe. In order to achieve these goals, the budget for cyber security efforts is predicted to grow to nearly $1.1 trillion. If the House of Representatives and Senate agree to pass this bill, the U.S. will see a safer 2015 in terms of cyber security.

Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell spoke at the Cybercrime 2020 Symposium in Washington, DC on December 4:
“For the foreseeable future, cybercrime will increase in both volume and sophistication. By exploiting technology, the most skilled cyber criminals will be capable of committing crimes on a scale that will result in more lost data, greater damage to the security of networks, and greater risk to Internet users.”
” Prosecutors from the Cybersecurity Unit will provide a central hub for expert advice and legal guidance regarding the criminal electronic surveillance statutes for both U.S. and international law enforcement conducting complex cyber investigations to ensure that the powerful law enforcement tools are effectively used to bring the perpetrators to justice while also protecting the privacy of every day Americans. The Cybersecurity Unit will work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and will also work with private sector partners and Congress. This new unit will strive to ensure that the advancing cyber security legislation is shaped to most effectively protect our nation’s computer networks and individual victims from cyber attacks.”  
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With the Justice Departments new cyber security unit and Obama’s BuySecure initiative that aims to accelerate EMV adoption, it looks as if the U.S. is moving towards a safer payment industry.

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