EMV Facts

With the U.S. adopting EMV chip cards, it’s important for you as a business owner to stay educated. Here are some fast EMV facts:

  • – Over 80 countries already use EMV.
  • – EMV cards have been used since 1994 in Europe and around the world.
  • – Since the UK transitioned to EMV, the country has reduced its counterfeit fraud losses by at least 63%.
  • – Since taking on EMV technology in 2008, Canada has seen a 54% decrease in fraud.
  • – Javelin Strategy & Research estimates a total 15 million devices will need to be upgraded or replaced to accommodate the new chip cards.


Kori Marolf, Frontline’s VP of Risk Management, shares the success of chip cards, the urgency of upgrading your terminals and importance of knowing EMV facts with KTNV 13 Las Vegas:

Read more EMV facts on our handy EMV guide.

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