Frontline Mobile Solutions

Mobile processing solutions from Frontline Processing makes wireless transactions available at swiped rates through popular smartphones, cellphones and PDAs.

The ePNMobile Credit Card, Check and Gift Card / Loyalty Transaction Processing Application can prompt for invoice number, gratuity, other charges, process the transaction in real-time, and show the transaction authorization number right on the phone display. An optional Bluetooth portable printer is available.

Merchant Benefits

  • Fraud Prevention: Real-time credit card, check and gift card/loyalty processing, get approval or decline response at time of sale.
  • Lower Cost: Lower investment than dedicated wireless transaction processing units.
  • Swiped Rates: Reduced rate with Card swipe transactions from credit card processors.
  • Real-Time Processing: No chasing after customers for declined transactions.

For more info about our mobile processing solutions check out this link:

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