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Gulf Oil announces new app: Gulf Pay

Smartphones and app stores have had a major hand in how a lot of people interact with different vendors over the last few years. Some banks even allow you to use an app to pay for your groceries with a swipe of your phone rather than a swipe of your card. Now, another area is changing in regards to paying with your phone. Gulf Oil announced this week about their new app, Gulf Pay.

Here is an excerpt from their post.

“The new offering… will enable Gulf customers to navigate to the nearest Gulf gas station, pay for fuel at the pump, and purchase products inside the convenience store utilizing fast, simple, and secure mobile payment technologies.

The Gulf Pay app offers a convenient, secure, and seamless shopping experience for customers by allowing payment authorization directly from the comfort of their vehicle. Users can also use the app to locate the closest Gulf station, access live pricing and reliable directions, and view station offerings.”

With companies like Gulf Oil releasing apps that allow you to purchase convenience store items and gas from your phone, other companies might follow suit. More companies might create apps like the Taco Bell app, allowing you to purchase everything in advance and have it prepared for you to pick up as you arrive.

If you would like to learn more about Gulf Pay, you can do so by going to this link here:


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