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Imposters Are Out There

“The Real Thing” is a short story by Henry James that portrays the unfortunate victims of a society in which reality and representation are closely intertwined.  We at Frontline Processing pride ourselves on our service and being “the real thing” when it comes to credit card processing.  However, it has come to our attention that there are some deceptive salespeople out there contacting merchants and representing themselves as us.  Similar to James’ story, they are not the real thing and often misleading and rude to our customers.

Generally the scam goes like this:   A caller identifies themselves as “Merchant Services” asking the merchant to divulge details about their business.  Some merchants have given information out to these individuals who have attempted to sway them to change their services.

Be alert to ANY caller who does not properly identify themselves.  If something sounds suspicious, hang up and contact us and we will look into it.

Also, NEVER allow a person into your business who claims to be with your credit card company if they are not from Frontline Processing.  We’ve heard of reports of people mis-representing themselves to merchants and reprogramming their credit card terminals for another account.

If a situation does not seem right, don’t be scammed, contact us immediately at 406-585-7443.


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