Turned down for a business loan? We have a solution!

In a recent article published by Forbes, a survey showed that among small business owners that sought a bank loan in the previous 3 months only 39% were successful. That leaves many businesses looking to grow their business but not having the necessary capital. According to Forbes, “many privately held businesses are looking to grow in 2014, but whether they do will be heavily influenced by their ability to finance that growth – either through earnings or outside sources.” It is more difficult currently for small businesses to get loans and often with little input on why they were turned down. Banks are often looking at cash flow, debts and collateral when deciding on business loans. Frontline Processing provides a  merchant cash advance solution that can be an excellent option for qualifying retail businesses.  What is unique about our cash advance program that we offer is our merchants are borrowing against future transactions.

Our merchant cash advance program provides your retail business a secure, fast, and reliable source of cash. It is not a loan, but a sale of your future credit and debit card receipts. Business’s are usually eligible for a 100% advance of one month’s credit and debit card sales volume.

Once approved, you will receive a cash advance and be able to use the funds for any business need. The advance is paid back by a percentage of future sales, collected directly from your batches. Unlike other financing methods, your cash advance has no minimum monthly payment. Frontline Processing gets paid when your business gets paid.
merchant cash advance solution

• Easy application process
• High approval rate
• Bad credit okay
• Simple repayment process
• No fixed payment schedule
• No application or upfront fees
• No interest or hidden fees

Click to read the Forbes article: Why Business Loans get Rejected

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We save our merchants 12% or more on their credit card processing fees!

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