A Merchant Cash Advance Success Story

Family owned and operated Peters Auto Service out of Indianapolis is one of the many success stories to come out of Frontline Processing’s Merchant Cash Advance Program. Owner and Operator David Peters has been processing payments with Frontline since 2006, and he’s currently finishing up his fourth cash advance. A merchant cash advance can be used to pay employees, remodel a storefront, launch an advertising campaign, hire new employees, and much more. David used his cash advance to grow his business and has been happy with our service. 

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David purchased a service truck, trailer, and two tow trucks with his cash advance. His processing has increased 97% since starting to receive cash advances, and he has even expanded his businesses into a towing service as well. Frontline Processing makes success easy with our interest-free cash advance because of the easy application process, high approval rate, flexible payment schedule, and simple repayment process.

Frontline Processing is here to help your business grow with our Merchant Cash Advance Program.

Call our customer support today at 1-866-651-3068 to learn more about this quick, safe, interest-free solution for your business.

At Frontline Processing, on average, we save our merchants 12% or more on their credit card processing fees!


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