Non-Profits Benefit From Monthly Donations

(Excerpt from the Big Timber Pioneer)

Local merchants that have switched to Frontline Processing for their credit card services are helping the Sweet Grass County High School Herders Booster Club raise hundreds of dollars every month to support student activities. Any  Montana non-profit in  can benefit from this program.

But Booster Club president Justin Todd thinks the Big Timber business community can do even better.  As Todd said, “this offer can help provide an “ongoing source of funding for the Booster Club” through fees that businesses are already paying.

To promote itself and reach out to bigger markets, Bozeman based Frontline is matching any processing fees that its new clients currently pay, plus it will donate the $10 monthly statement fee from each local business that signs up to the Booster club.
“What’s in it for us is the,” explained spokesperson Mike Conner in a phone interview: “Frontline donates the statement fee, and hopefully will use the Booster Club as a referral” in marketing to other local businesses.

As Conner pointed out, any organization and community can benefit from such a partnership .

So what does this mean to you?  Well, if you know of someone who has a non-profit or group, they can earn an ongoing source of revenue each and every month simply by referring a merchant to Frontline.   Frontline will donate a portion of the statement fee to their organization every month.  What a great way for local organizations to earn money to support their efforts.

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