Online Merchant Account- Make More Money

Whether you already have online shopping through your website or your company is looking to increase profits by providing online shopping options to your customers, it’s a reality that businesses that aren’t selling online are losing sales.  It’s easy to include a shopping cart on your website and Frontline Processing is here to help select and integrate it with one of our versatile payment gateways and a merchant account.

3 Keys to Accepting Online Sales

online merchant account

1. A Merchant Services Account

A merchant services account allows you to accept credit or debit card payments.  You will need a business checking account for the routing of these funds.  As your payments processor, Frontline Processing manages communication between your business and the customer’s card issuer.

2. A secure Payment Gateway

A payment gateway provides for the security of a customer’s payment information sent over the internet.  It is a service that authenticates electronic payments that can be integrated with a shopping cart to allow customers to complete their own orders, or that the merchant can access as a virtual terminal to process transactions from any location with internet access.  Frontline can equip you with a gateway that suits the needs of your business!

3. A website with an integrated Shopping Cart

A shopping cart or e-commerce software is also needed to create your online store and sell your product. There are dozens of shopping cart applications available for your web developer to choose from to optimize your customer’s online experience.

There is a common confusion between the payment gateway and the shopping cart being one in the same. They are two separate things that work together, we offer powerful payment gateways that integrate with many shopping carts and e-commerce systems. Building your online merchant account is well worth your time to set up with Frontline Processing to make your company more profitable today!

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