EMV Credit Card Processing

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Want to know more about the transition to EMV credit cards? Read Our EMV Guide for more details and advice!

What are EMV- chip cards?

  • EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and is also known as “chip cards” or “smart cards”
  • EMV cards have been used since 1994 in Europe and around the world and are more secure than the magnetic swipe cards we use currently in the U.S.
  • The new EMV cards have a micro chip that when the card is inserted and pin entered, generates a unique sales code. Both the pin and unique, one time use code add to the security of using the new cards.
  • Both Visa and Mastercard have set a deadline for making the change to EMV credit card processing for October 2015.
  • 2015 is the deadline for transitioning to EMV

    The liablility will shift to merchants for counterfeit fraud card-present POS transactions-if the merchant does not have an EMV-enabled POS devices.

    What does this mean for my business?

    Businesses will then be responsible for fraud losses that occur as a result of a cardholder having to pay using a magnetic strip instead of a smart card due to a business not having a smartcard-capable device. To avoid this businesses will need to get EMV ready point of sale equipment. Don't wait and pay a large amount of money when you can get an EMV terminal now!

    Will I still be able to accept traditional credit and debit cards?

    Yes, credit card terminals will still have a magnetic stripe swipe reader and you can continue to accept payment cards that are not chip-enabled. Chip cards will also have a magnetic stripe during the U.S. migration to EMV, to ensure that customers can continue to pay until all merchants have been given the time to upgrade their equipment.