Merchant Protection

Protect your Business and Customer Information

Merchant Protection powered by ControlScan includes:

- $50,000 in Breach Protection (no deductible or co-pay)
- Online PCI Compliance Tools
- Quarterly Network Security Scans
- Only $4.95 a month

Merchant Protection Details:

$50,000 in data breach protection.
Our Breach Protection program is specifically designed to help your business handle the expenses of a suspected or actual data breach. You will be covered for up to $50,000 to help your business cover contractual expenses (audits, fines, or other expenses).

What is a network security scan?
A network security scan involves an automated tool that checks a merchant or service provider’s systems for vulnerabilities. The tool conducts a non-intrusive scan to remotely review networks and Web applications based on the external-facing Internet protocol (IP) addresses provided by the merchant or service provider. The scan will identify vulnerabilities in operating systems, services, and devices that could be used by hackers to target the company’s private network.
Note: Typically, only merchants with external facing IP address are required to have quarterly scans to validate PCI compliance. This is usually merchants completing the SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) versions C or D.

Online PCI Compliance Tools
An intuitive, user-friendly interface, with simplified SAQ questions. Presented in a logical order easy-to-understand help-text that explains key concepts.
A faster and easier SAQ completion process that saves time and eliminates frustration.