Mobile Payments

Smart Phone/ Tablet Processing

Get a FREE EMV- chip card ready mobile reader!!
- Secure, real time transactions
- Works with most Apple®, Android® and Windows® phones
- Advanced online reporting of transactions

A lower cost options than dedicated wireless transaction processing units.Includes Fraud Prevention: credit card approval or decline response at time of sale.

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Wireless Terminals

- Wireless for on-the-go businesses
- Get card swiped rates
- Easy to operate, real time approvals
- Programmed and ready to go

Great for delivery drives, farmer's markets, events and more.

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Touch Tone Capture

- Easy to use with no additional equipment to buy!
- Perfect for new or low vloume businesses who only process cards occasionally
- Accept payments using any phone

Touch Tone allows your business to use the telephone as a terminal and call your sales into the network and receive the authorization. Our Touch Tone Capture service is a full featured system and supports sales, voids, authorization only and returns.

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Flat Fee Pricing Option

2.75% Swipe Rate
3.75 Keyed Rate
No Fixed Monthly Fees*
No Transaction Fees

Easy flat fee pricing!

We also offer Cost Plus Pricing, call us today to possibly qualify for better rates! 1-866-651-3068

* Monthly minimum may apply