Someone Found Out My Password

my dog is my password

Do you use your pet’s name for passwords?

  • According to a survey by credit card firm Visa Europe, well over three quarters of surfers choose passwords relating to friends, family and memorable dates.
  • Only one in five of the survey’s respondents (22 per cent) said they use a mixture of random letters and characters, with the rest opting for more sentimental log-ins including birthdays, nicknames and the names of favorite pets.
  • Worryingly, the word ‘password’ itself still accounts for two per cent of the nation’s most common password choice. Another three per cent use their cash machine Pin.
  • A third of respondents admitted they use the same password for all their log-ins, with a further quarter using the same password nearly all or most of the time.
  • Only 42 per cent have between two to four passwords and just 12 per cent manage to remember between five and seven, the research found.

“Of course it is important that our passwords are personal and meaningful to us, but also that they are difficult to decipher and not easily guessed.”

As your credit card processor, we feel compelled to reiterate the importance of security.  Although complicated passwords are a nusance, they really are essential to safe custody of sensitive information.

Here is a link to a free strong password generator.  Strong passwords are a key to reducing hacker threats and are a must on financial accounts.

A common reason people don’t use strong passwords is that they are hard to remember.  There are a number of password managers such as RoboForm available that will save your passwords so you only need to remember one.

Protecting your customer’s account information as well as your own is an investment well worth the effort.  A data breach could be extremely costly.


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