Special Olympics Winter Games in Whitefish Montana

Special Olympics Winter Games in Whitefish, Montana

A team of us from Frontline Processing traveled to Whitefish and had an awesome time meeting and cheering on the athletes at the Winter Games! Despite crazy road conditions we arrived just in time for the Opening Ceremony which culminated with the Athlete of the Year, Chrissy Siefke lighting the torch. We ended that evening having dinner with a wonderful group of Special Olympics board members, including Bob Norbie, Jim Lawrence and his lovely wife, Joann. We enjoyed great company and awesome food! (If you are in Whitefish check out Haskill Station for simply, great food) The next morning we set up our Fundraising Program booth at the base lodge and also spent part of the day cheering on the athletes.  The lovely, Donna Diaz guided us around to the events and made sure we had a great time.

The second day of the Special Olympics Winter Games was the final competitions and awards day. We enjoyed watching the snowshoeing, slolom and cross country races! Before we left the mountain we were honored to help award medals to the athletes! It was a joy to be part of the event and meet such great people.

As we continue our partnership with Special Olympics we hope we can attend more events and do whatever we can do to support such a worthy cause. We love being able to help contribute to them and other non-profits in our community with our program: Process for a Purpose. A unique program that helps Special Olympics of Montana raise more funds by partnering with Frontline Processing.

Click for more info on our Fundraising Program!

Frontline Processing is committed to supporting our local communities and non-profit organizations. Please join us in supporting Special Olympics Montana!

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Special Olympics Winter Games


Special Olympics Winter Games

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