Think About Gift Cards for the Holidays

gift cardThe appeal of holiday gift cards is obvious. They save time and mental energy for purchasers, who don’t have to struggle to choose the right present. A $50 gift card from Barnes & Noble somehow seems more thoughtful than simply slipping two twenties and a bunch of wrinkled ones into an envelope. For recipients, gift cards ward off the uncomfortable and highly inefficient process of receiving and returning unwanted gifts. Every recipient of a gift card can be honestly and genuinely gracious-who doesn’t like free money, after all?

Retailers love gift cards. They’re high-margin, low-maintenance sales. They stimulate much-wanted traffic in the post-holiday season doldrums of January and February, especially at restaurants. And to the extent gift cards save merchants the expense and hassle of handling returns of unwanted gifts, they are a huge boon.
Buy a gift card and you’re essentially lending cash to the retailer today that is paid back through merchandise tomorrow, or next week, or next month.
According to a recent survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 65% of gift card users end up spending more than the card’s face value.  A CRNRC survey found that 25% of consumers have at least one gift card from last year’s holiday season that they still haven’t used.
Now is the time to get started so you are ready for the holiday season.  Let us show you how gift cards will help your business.  We can provide custom designed cards with your artwork or choose from a wide variety of stock designs.
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