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Tips to collect rent online

collect rent online

Property managers and storage unit providers are now using a convenience fee program to collect rent online.  A convenience fee program works like this:  you charge your renters a small convenience fee to accept their dues or payments online through a service like They can then pay their rent or dues by credit card or electronic check making it easy, fast and secure.

Both residential and commercial property managers and government agencies can benefit from collecting rent payments online.

Benefits to you:

  • GET PAID ON TIME! Give your customers the option to pay their bills and other miscellaneous fees through our secure online web portal, from anywhere!
  • GET PAYMENTS FASTER! No more waiting for checks to clear. Instant approval on payment card transactions. Reduce returned checks with our system that automatically checks the account information against the negative check writer databases.
  • CUSTOM PACKAGES: Our simple and reliable program allows us to custom tailor the program for the unique needs of each business or agency.
  • ADVANCED REPORTING FEATURES: You will have access to our back end reporting system where you can log in anytime to view transactions, generate reports and download transaction data into your accounting software.
  • WEBSITE INTEGRATION: Easily integrates with your existing website for the ease and convenience of your existing client base
  • AUTOMATIC EMAIL REPORTING: Our system automatically will email you and the customer a detailed receipt outlining the transaction status, transaction description, and the convenience charge billed to the customer.
  • LESS TRIPS to the post office and the bank to deposit checks.

Benefits to your renters:

  • CONVENIENCE pay from anywhere, and get same day payments!
  • SECURITY of your transactions and information.

If you would like to learn more about offering a convenience fee option to your renters or members click here: Convenience Fee Program

or visit



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