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Why be Square? Frontline vs. Square

The Technology:
Square was the first to offer credit card readers for smart phones.   It was created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey who obviously has a lot of background in Internet social networking, but unfortunately, not in payment processing.   Since then, many seasoned payment processing companies have introduced their own mobile solutions.  Frontline has chosen one that offers the most flexibility and security.   In fact, our smart phone application is so versatile, if you like, you can print paper receipts from a Bluetooth mobile receipt printer.   Square emails receipts to customers.  Many customers are still reluctant to provide their email address and it is time consuming to enter that information into the phone.  Our mobile solution is quick, easy and reliable.

Getting funded:
Let’s face it, we are all in business to get paid.   Except for cash, accepting credit cards can be the fastest way to get paid for goods and services.  With Frontline, you have a dedicated merchant account.  That means you will typically see your funds in 48 hours or less.   All users of Square share one account, meaning you might be running a legit business, but will be punished if someone else does something illegal.   Merchants can get their funds held, deposits delayed for “investigation”, and accounts shut down.

Square limits deposits to $1000 per month.  If you go over that amount in sales, your funds will very likely be held until someone at Square reviews the charges.  We’ve seen reports of months before merchants see their money if ever.   This is where the value of a real merchant account is important.

Okay, so you have payroll to meet or an important bill to pay and your credit card funding is not in your account.   You call your credit card company to find out where the money is.  At Frontline, we offer 24/7 toll free, live support.  Here you will get answers to your questions from a live person in 3 rings or less.

Square?  It took us a while (try it yourself) but we found their customer support number (415) 375-3176.  We called it, and after being directed to send an email for customer service, were greeted with silence for the rest of the call until we were hung up on.   This sends up a red flag.  What if I had a customer standing in front of me ready to pay me and I was stuck with dead air?   What if my funds are not in my account?   Waiting on a response via email is not acceptable for most businesses.

So we looked further.   A quick Google search of  “Square customer complaints” results in a plethora of alarming results.  Do a search yourself.  From to we were shocked at what merchants had to say.

Crystal Allen-Curry
8 Jul 2012
Country: United States

I had registered my account to be able to accept credit cards through using the Square credit card swiper..i double checked everything to make sure that i do business sufficently with my clients..Iam a hairstylist..i saw the small deposits they have put into my account and i enter the exact same amount  into the registry to make sure my account was linked correctly..I accepted a $75 payment $70, $145, $20 and $150 none of them was deposited into my account..i called the number to customer service..only an automative voice  mail is all you will fustrated!! so i emailed no one has responded!! im behind on a few of my bills all because Square is not to be trusted with your money!! for anyone out their dont use Square!!! You wont get paid! All you will get is the run around! You will never talk to a real live person.  Scam!

29 Jun 2012
Country: United States

Same thing here! $13000 deposit is still uncollected. It has been over 3 weeks. No one responds to my emails. I have completed every verification step that they have requested and no answer. Legal action is soon to follow!

4 Mar 2012
Country: United States

Don’t ever ever ever ever ever use Square up.  They are holding $700 of mine.  After going through a verification process of my business, they released funds they were holding.  Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever use Square up.  They are holding $700 of mine.  After going through a verification process of my business, they released funds they were holding.  Processed more cards with confidence even through I was leary.  They requested the same information again.  Stating that they would respond within 24 hours.  I got scared and reversed the funds then they sent me a letter stating the following:  They are a scam!  They find reasons to hold money.  Who are they to hold funds for 180 days.  That is illegal.  I am filing a complaint with the attorney general. Scam

Hello Rebecca,

Square has concluded an investigation into your usage and has labeled your account as high-risk. For security reasons, we have elected to de-activate your account.

We are exercising our discretion under paragraph 42 of the Square User Agreement to terminate your account. From the date of this letter forward, you will not be able to process transactions using Square.

Any funds currently in your account will be held for 180 days before being released.

If you do not want to wait 180 days to receive funds, you can still refund the payments back to the original cards (if you are unsure of how to refund a payment, please see:

Our decision is final.



USA23464 replies to Titan

17 Aug 2012

I used square up once to handle a credit card charge of more than $5k. Two months later square up sent an email saying I had 15 days to dispute the chargeback. The very next day square up debited my account for the $5K amount. I sent emails to square up showing delivery of the products purchased from my company, and square up has yet to respond. The debit was not paid and my bank charged me $35. Four business days later they charged my account again. Same result and I was charged another $35. I closed the square up account, and closed that bank account. Two business days later square up charged my account again for that amount. I will have to pay the overdraft fee again.

Our advice, if you are running a garage sale or your buddy owes you money, Square might be a great way to take credit cards.  If your business depends on revenue, a real merchant account is worth it.

Ask us about our line of mobile credit card apps and other mobile solutions.


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