Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Wireless credit card terminals: Your customers will appreciate the added convenience & you’ll enjoy increased sales!

Accepting electronic payments anytime, anywhere  has never been easier! A wireless terminal is ideal for accepting credit cards on the go for mobile businesses. Increase your sales by accepting credit cards and PIN-based debit cards on our wireless terminals, which qualify for the lowest processing rates. Frontline Processing offers wireless credit card terminals that are compact, lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere.

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Wireless credit card terminals eliminate the need for a land line connection, which are required for traditional terminals. Going wireless means that you have access to all the same functionalities of a traditional terminal – a magnetic stripe reader, keypad and display screen.  Any mobile business, services done on location such as repair men, delivery drivers, and events will benefit from wireless credit card terminals. Restaurants can also use wireless terminals for table side bill payment to improve security and service. We offer a variety of wireless terminals which enable fast and secure transactions for merchants “on the go.”

What is the difference between wireless and mobile credit card processing?

While both wireless and mobile credit card processing allow merchants to accept credit card payments anywhere, the two are quite different. Wireless credit card terminals are basically the same as traditional terminals, but without the cords. They operate with the same functionality but run on batteries and have an internet connection through wifi or a connection similar to a cell phone account. Smartphone processing allows merchants to accept credit card payments with a secure swiper through their smart phone or tablet. Smartphone payment processing offers many of the same features but with a lower investment in equipment.

What are the benefits of wireless credit card terminals?

– Increase your sales and get real time approvalswireless card processing
– Receive card present rates
– Standalone unit with built-in thermal printer, so no additional equipment to buy
– Compatible with PIN Debit and Multi-Merchant
– Secure & Easy

Call us today to see if a wireless terminal or one of our other credit card processing options would work best for you. We have live customer service to guide you to your best choice! 1-866-651-3068


“We save our merchants 12% or more on credit card processing fees”


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